Based out of Fresno, California, SirenSinging is lead by singer/song-writer Allison Saleh.

Originally starting as a solo project, SirenSinging's band was formed in early 2011 by people volunteering. Recently undergoing lots of member changes, the band is being reformed. SirenSinging's first EP, "Things I'll Never Say" was released on March 9th, 2011. SirenSinging took a hiatus from 2013-2014. The band is in the process of reforming and getting ready for some upcoming gigs!

Musically speaking, SirenSinging's style ranges from pop, rock, indie, and folk. Musical influences include Kate Nash, Maroon 5, Regina Spektor, Queen, and Laura Marling. Relationships are a common theme throughout her lyrics, along with spirituality and self-discovery.

Allison Saleh - Song Writer, Lead Vocals, keyboardBryan Kiger - Drums & miscellaneous percussion Jeremy Boriack- Guitars, banjo, Koua Vang- Guitars Background Vocals- Justin Ray & Lara HavandjianDiscography1. When I Saw You--Single 2. Things I'll Never Say--EP 3. "Bands on the Run" DVD Feature ("You & I" featured in this DVD) 4. Streaming On: Spotify, Jango, Last.FM, 8Tracks, 104.1FM, SoundCloud, iTunes