Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Blogger has a blog app....
My life = AWESOME!
Plan on a lot more posts!!

PS: We have a gig Wednesday @ Full Circle Brewing!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Teazer's Gig Videos

Did you miss the Teazer's gig? No fear, videos are here!

1. Mr. Fearless

2. Break the Mold **New**

3. Teenage Dream Katy Perry Cover **New**

4. I Know

5. I Want You **New**

6. You & I

7. Singin' the Blues

8. Ironic

9. Wish I Could

10. When I Saw You

What A Week!!!!

So I'm really lame for not updating.
We were asked last week to play a gig at Fresno Pacific Univeristy, an hour set, and that happened this last Thursday night. We premiered 2 covers and several new songs, which I'll be posting very soon!

We also had the gig on Friday at Teazer's which was excellent! I will be posting if not tonight, very soon the videos from that.

Until then, I can update you on the newest band happenings!!! We have found a place to record and can definitely do it now. We'll be recording the second week of October our second EP. We're also expanding our merch and working on T-Shirts & buttons/stickers/posters. Let us know if there's anything you want! Also....if you like covers, what you'd like to hear! As a reminder, we also have the gig at Full Circle Brewing in Fresno this Wednesday.

Random Happy Happening:
  -I'm going to see Laura Marling in concert this Tuesday....so freaking excitedddd

I hope you are all having a fabulous Saturday....er....Sunday. I'll leave you with my favorite David Guetta song off of his new album, "Repeat" featuring Jessie J. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teazer's Gig!!!

I just wanted to announce I'm going to be doing an acoustic gig, headlining at Teazer's in downtown Fresno on September 16th. Because it'll just be me & my keyboard, I'm going to play some stuff that I've wanted to play for awhile, but haven't. This show will feature new material that will be played especially for this show ONLY! I'll be playing 2 different 20 minnute sets, the first set will have my main stuff and songs from our new EP.  The second will have new songs with maybe 2 from "Things I'll Never Say" EP.

Can't wait to share them with you. Please come out and support me and Teazer's. :D

New Song: "Pretty"

I JUST finished this song. It's called "Pretty" Hope you enjoy it. I'll MAYBE play it on the 16th at Teazer's. It will not appear on the new EP. Thanks KT for always saying I was pretty. This is for you.

Used to say that I was such a pretty girl
You loved my smile and my short, brown little curls
Oh, you tried.
You pulled me in with your deep brown eyes.
You reeled me in with your sweet little lies.
If I knew….I would’ve said goodbye.

Well I don’t ever wana hear you say
I never wana hear you say those words again….
Well I know had you in a spell
Cuz at one point I had you feeling like hell
Cuz I was pretty….
Your pretty girl.

I guess that I was just some clueless chick on your arm
But never guessed that I would ever cause so much harm…
To your heart. But, I was smart.
You told me I was pretty but I know it was a lie.
So don’t come back, don’t even try.
Cuz I’m with someone else tonight.

And I never want to hear you say..
I never wana hear you say those goddamned words again.
Well I know had you in a spell
Cuz at one point I had you feeling like hell
Cuz I was pretty….
Your pretty little girl

'She’s so pretty.'
'She’s so pretty.'
'She’s so pretty.'
'Such a pretty girl.'

I’m not your pretty
Not your pretty
Not your pretty
Not your pretty girl…
No way in hell.

Well I hope you’re gitty
Hope you’re gitty
That you lost your
Pretty little girl.
Pretty girl.

(Music & Lyrics by Allison Saleh)