I’ve seen the young, I’ve seen the old.
I’ve been left out here in the cold.
I’m  hating it.
I’ve walked in day. I’ve walked through night.
I never dreamed it come to this,
That place I miss.

What happens when a promise fades?
What happens when it’s too much to face?
I think, I think, I think that I
Don’t know, don’t know, don’t know anything,
Anything  anymore.
I want it all to work itself out
‘Cause I cannot see my way out
All I know is that I know nothing anymore.

I’ve lived through war, I’ve dreamed of peace.
I’ve prayed to God, laid down my fleece
Do my eyes deceive?
Who holds the truth? I do not know.
Perhaps they’re only lies we sow
To bring us hope.

Nothing’s guaranteed
Only we cling To our dreams
Wake to find the Eye of the storm
The Courage to want
Something more, more

I’ve seen a city swept away,
By vicious tides and winds of change.
Do we build again?
Through the still, I hear a sound
Her tiny footsteps on the ground…
I see her play.

"Wish I Could"
Been under the weather
That’s nothing new
Wish we weren’t together
Wish we were through
You think you’re so special
Wish I could too.
I hate your strict rule and
I think you’re cruel.

I wish that I could say this right to your face.
I know that you would hate this and put me in my place.
So I’ll just keep on lying, to keep you on your feet.
And when your words start flying, I’ll claim defeat.

Been one of those days where
you’re just a tool
Roll my eyes, say “there, there,
just keep your cool.”
Say who is the fool when your temper’s loose?
I don’t know who caused this,
frightful abuse.

I know we’re unhealthy, you would disagree.
You never would tell me to just go be happy.
But lately I feel like you’re wasting time
And frank you never cease to blow mind la la la…
I know you said you loved me, I have to disagree…
Cuz if you really loved me, you’d stop beating up on me..
I wish that I could say this, but I know I never will
So I thought I’d write this song, tell it to the world.

I Know
Am I a pawn in this game and
Who am I to change my fate? And still
I know
Who’s behind the dark charades and
Who’s behind the blunt displays of will
I know.
Oh, Oh, I know.

Could this freedom be a hoax and
Am I just the brunt of some cruel joke?
I know
That I could be wrong or worse and
I could be the slave to this old curse.
I know.
Oh, Oh, I know.
Oh, Oh, I know.

While I stray, I am drifting away
My mind gets preyed on and starts to fade.
I know.
Face to face, I see you clear.
You’re the one I always held so dear,
I know.
That this freedom has a cost and
What I had was stolen and lost and still…
You know.
Oh, Oh. I know.
Oh, Oh, I know.