Thursday, December 30, 2010

EP Preview Video!!!

Hello All! This is for you, as promised! A preview video of 30 second clips of ALL the songs. These are not the finished versions of the songs. We are still putting background vocals, programming, and the mixing & mastering still has to be done.
Enjoy! Please give me some feedback!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Studio Day 5: Finishing Lead Vocals

Oh my goodness!!!!
So, we finally got ALL of the lead vocals down today. What an accomplishment. Seriously! I feel so relieved. But, surprise! I'll be in the studio finishing up background vocals (BGV's). However, I do have something VERY special planned for you all in the next 24 hours! It may include some unmastered 30 second clips of each song...
Ok. You got me.
That's what I'm planning!!!!

So, stay tuned! I hope to have them up tomorrow as an early New Year's Present!!!!
Bad news: The EP may not be ready to release officially until late February. I really don't want to release it in March, but if it has to be...I don't really have a choice. But, I will definitely be distributing free copies digitally on the web as soon as the disc is done. So, hit me up! And I'll be releasing *hopefully* an official single before the release date.

I just wanted to check in! We're so close to being done! I just need my artwork and then I can send the EP to get pressed! I'm so excited!!!
Hope you all are doing well and have a safe New Years! Stay tuned!!!
Love Always,
SirenSinging <3

Day 4: Vocal Land

Hey Kids!
Today went super well. We met our goal of finishing 3 songs and started the programming. We finished the songs "Ironic," "Wish I Could," and "I Know." Tomorrow we start work on the last two! You know, it's crazy. For as much singing as I did, my voice didn't feel too tired after. It was, but I still had a voice. I'm pretty happy about that. It's so crazy, cuz I sing right into this big black circular cover and the mic is behind it. At first, it's kinda nerve-wrecking, but once you get used to it, it's not too bad. I think the thing that's the most hard is having to hear yourself. I'm super analytical and critical, so I always want to change things. Also it's difficult because my forte is opera style singing. While I've been trained nearly all my life in opera, I've had no real formal training in pop style. Pop is a whole different realm for me. I love it though. I love it a lot, bu it's hard to analyze with no real basis except for don't.sing.flat. I'm very thankful for Jordan (producer) and Justin (soundmixer) because they have great ears and give great advice. I'm hoping by the end of this week I'll have some samples up for you.

It was fun today because I had two really good friends sit in and listen. I really enjoyed having them there and their opinions. They are both very dear to me.

So, basically the plan goes like this tomorrow: finish all vocals, finish background vocals, and finish programming. Seems like a near impossible task. I know, but we CAN do it!!! Tomorrow is the last day and I'm very sad. :-( But, what that does mean is now I can start applying for gigs and get a press kit together. The only missing part of the puzzle is getting the artwork done and then I'll be sending the EP to get pressed. In English, "pressed" is when you get copies of the CD, get the booklet together, and the jewel CD case. Basically, all the stuff that makes an album or record feel like a real record. You know? I'll be releasing it digitally, like on iTunes, Amazon, etc. That release date, pretty sure, is going to be on Valentine's Day.

I can't believe it's all coming together finally. Please tell your friends about SirenSinging and like I said, I will be releasing the EP free for the first two months. I will also be pre-releasing some things as well...also for free. So..stay tuned!!!! And overall, the more people who know, the better.

Talk to you all tomorrow!
Love Always,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Check Check Check It Out!!!

Tomorrow we start vocals!!!!
I'm so excited!!!
Yay Day 4 of being in the studio!

I'm really going to try and get some previews of songs up sometime this week. That's the goal. I'm not entirely sure this will happen, but I'll keep you informed.

Will be updating you all soon!
Happy Monday!

Love Always,

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Weekend Update

Several little things to bring up tonight..since I haven't really been updating like a fiend as of recently. My computer is still down!!!! I'm not happy about this. Hopefully I'll be up and running again by next week. If not, I'm in some serious trouble because school starts soon.

Tonight, I talked to my artist, Joshua Dildine, for the album art and booklet and we're starting work on tha hopefully by the beginning of this upcoming week! We're picking out pictures and themes. I'm thinking of kind of a more mystyical feel, mythological feel to the artwork.

Tuesday we're back in the studio laying down vocals and starting programing. We finish everything up on Wednesday and I'll recieve a rough edited copy of the EP sometime probably a week from now. I'm thinking of releasing the EP officially on Valentine's Day. It will be done before that, probably by the end of January and I'll probably be hand distributing free copies prior to its official release date. I'm thinking about releasing it for free when it comes out for at least a month and maybe up to three months. At least that's kind of the plan I'm working on. I'd like it to build some steam before the actual release. I'm not entirely sure of the title yet...but something in regards to Valentine's Day. :-) I'm not sure yet. I just can't help but think of doing something anti, since my EP isn't entirely fond of love. There's nothing wrong with Valentine's Day and I have nothing against it at all. seems like a good date to release. But, any ideas for the title would be appreciated! The themes of songs tend to be about romantic relationships gone a little skewed and one about struggling with God's soverignty.

Funny story: the only love song on the EP that was about loving someone from afar...well the guy it was about got engaged this weekend! I was like...NOOOOO!!!! Sad day.

In other news, I'm looking for gigs and thinking about launching an official .com website pretty soon. I'll let you know what the dealio is there. Hopefully I can have some more updates by the end of the week.

I'm hoping to get some song samples up from the finished product up in time for New Years. I won't be posting entire songs, but I will release one or two songs for free download on January 11th (my birthday!!!).

That's what's going on here! I hope your Christmas's were all jolly and merry! I'm for some reason experiencing some kind of food coma, I think. I didn't even eat that much...but I ate A LOT of salsa. I have a serious obsession with it. It's sick and I lost my appendix to it. No joke. Anyways...I think I need to sleep this puppy off. To the gym tomorrow for me!
Talk to you soon!
Love always,

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello All!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!
Hope you all had a lovely day of celebration!

Love always,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Recording Day 3


Today was the last day of recording for this week. We laid down all of the guitar parts (electric and acoustic) and all the keyboards. I'm so excited for you to hear everything. It's sounding really good.
I'll keep you updated.

Talk to you all soon!
Love always,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello Friends!
I'm sorry I've been such a flake on the updates! My computer decided to up and die, so I'm bumming off the "community home computer." Anywho, yesterday we started the recording process and let me tell you, it's going fabulous and though tedious at times, is very fun and rewarding.
Yesterday, we laied down all the drum parts, 2 scratch tracks, and 1 song on the piano. It all went really well. I don't remember his name, but a guy named Tyler played the drums for me. He's pretty awesome and an entertaining person, to say the least. We started at like 9AM and went until about 5:30PM. For those who don't know (because I didn't know at first), a scratch track is a really rough take of a song that's recorded so that the drummer can have something to play to. The drums are typically the first part of the recording that is laid down and recorded, because they carry the beat of the songs. However, because my EP is primarily piano based, he only played on 2 songs.

I just got back from today's session about 20 minutes ago. Dear Lord! What a long day. It was very productive and we got almost every song done on the keyboard, but it was very long. I think there was like one song we worked on for up to 3 hours or more? After like the first hour and a half, you're beginning to feel kinda like you're sick of the song. Then once hour 2 rolls're very done. And hour're just on the verge of insanity, which is why we took a lunch break at like 2:30. And even then, I think we were all dreading going back to play that song. The song I'm talking about is called "Breathe For You." I hope you all like it, because if you don't...I may have an anuerism. Um, totally kidding, by the way. Anywho, this is why we decided to wait until tomorrow to work on it again. *Phew.*

Speaking of tomorrow, Tomorrow we'll be finishing up that crazy song and then lay down all of the guitar parts, mandoline (YES MANDOLINE!!!), and start some of the vocals! Then, we take a break and get back in the studio next Tuesday and Wednesday to finish up vocals and programming.

I'm going to try and take some pictures and videos tomorrow and over the nexy couple sessions to share. I hope you are all excited as I am to hear the finished product. I cannot wait for you to hear it!
I promise to update soon.
Love you lots and Stay Tuned!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Song-Landia: Free

Hello All!
We're going to be in the studio less than 2 weeks from now! Can you believe it! I certainly cannot. It's so surreal. I'm hoping to get some production videos so you can be involved throughout the whole process. :-)
I've been writing songs like crazy since the beginning of this endeavor and this week alone, I came up with about 4 new ideas, 2 of which are complete. I finished one tonight called "Free" that I'm really proud of. It's about standing your ground and finding your voice amidst disagreements and storms of chaos. I'd like to say it's my own version of Kate Nash's "Don't You Want To Share The Guilt," but the subject matter is slightly different. But, she definitely helped to inspire the song. She inspired the music and the passion, while a gentler side of Lily Allen & Christina Aguilera helped me find my footing on some of the lyrical stuff. I thought I'd share some lyrics with you, that'd you might be comforted in your own struggle to find a voice. :-)

Enjoy "Free."

"They'll never see who I want to be
But I find him smiling there, so I won't care.
We don't see eye to eye, it just makes me want to cry.
Through the pain and all the lies, I feel I still was right.
And though you still put up a fight
I've found my own light.
I've managed to hold on.
I've managed to be strong while you thought I was wrong...
They want me to be anything but me.
So they'll take what they take and this leaves me feeling fake,
But I could never hate.
I could never hate.
Well, I think he's so smart.
He's such a work of art
And though we may be different
I can only love his kind & gentle heart.

I've found my voice.
I have have a choice.
It's my life to live.
It's my love to give.
You can take me, but you can't break me.
Cuz I'm free.
I am free."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Photo Shoot Is Up

Hey guys!
The official photo shoot for the EP is up online! Click the link below to see the pictures! The photographer was so wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her. See my links page for Chloe's info.
Comment & let me know which ones are your favorites....they could end up as the CD booklet.
Recording is only 2 weeks away!!
Love Always,

EP Photo Shoot

Monday, December 6, 2010

Photos, Yo!

Hey dudes!!!
Yesterday I had the photoshoot for the EP with Chloe Segovia & it went super well! :-) So well, in fact, that I have some preview pics for you! I will be posting more soon!!!

This one's my favorite. <3