Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Studio Day 5: Finishing Lead Vocals

Oh my goodness!!!!
So, we finally got ALL of the lead vocals down today. What an accomplishment. Seriously! I feel so relieved. But, surprise! I'll be in the studio finishing up background vocals (BGV's). However, I do have something VERY special planned for you all in the next 24 hours! It may include some unmastered 30 second clips of each song...
Ok. You got me.
That's what I'm planning!!!!

So, stay tuned! I hope to have them up tomorrow as an early New Year's Present!!!!
Bad news: The EP may not be ready to release officially until late February. I really don't want to release it in March, but if it has to be...I don't really have a choice. But, I will definitely be distributing free copies digitally on the web as soon as the disc is done. So, hit me up! And I'll be releasing *hopefully* an official single before the release date.

I just wanted to check in! We're so close to being done! I just need my artwork and then I can send the EP to get pressed! I'm so excited!!!
Hope you all are doing well and have a safe New Years! Stay tuned!!!
Love Always,
SirenSinging <3

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  1. Keep up the good work Alli! I look forward to hearing the clips. It must feel so cool recording in an actual studio.