Saturday, December 25, 2010

Weekend Update

Several little things to bring up tonight..since I haven't really been updating like a fiend as of recently. My computer is still down!!!! I'm not happy about this. Hopefully I'll be up and running again by next week. If not, I'm in some serious trouble because school starts soon.

Tonight, I talked to my artist, Joshua Dildine, for the album art and booklet and we're starting work on tha hopefully by the beginning of this upcoming week! We're picking out pictures and themes. I'm thinking of kind of a more mystyical feel, mythological feel to the artwork.

Tuesday we're back in the studio laying down vocals and starting programing. We finish everything up on Wednesday and I'll recieve a rough edited copy of the EP sometime probably a week from now. I'm thinking of releasing the EP officially on Valentine's Day. It will be done before that, probably by the end of January and I'll probably be hand distributing free copies prior to its official release date. I'm thinking about releasing it for free when it comes out for at least a month and maybe up to three months. At least that's kind of the plan I'm working on. I'd like it to build some steam before the actual release. I'm not entirely sure of the title yet...but something in regards to Valentine's Day. :-) I'm not sure yet. I just can't help but think of doing something anti, since my EP isn't entirely fond of love. There's nothing wrong with Valentine's Day and I have nothing against it at all. seems like a good date to release. But, any ideas for the title would be appreciated! The themes of songs tend to be about romantic relationships gone a little skewed and one about struggling with God's soverignty.

Funny story: the only love song on the EP that was about loving someone from afar...well the guy it was about got engaged this weekend! I was like...NOOOOO!!!! Sad day.

In other news, I'm looking for gigs and thinking about launching an official .com website pretty soon. I'll let you know what the dealio is there. Hopefully I can have some more updates by the end of the week.

I'm hoping to get some song samples up from the finished product up in time for New Years. I won't be posting entire songs, but I will release one or two songs for free download on January 11th (my birthday!!!).

That's what's going on here! I hope your Christmas's were all jolly and merry! I'm for some reason experiencing some kind of food coma, I think. I didn't even eat that much...but I ate A LOT of salsa. I have a serious obsession with it. It's sick and I lost my appendix to it. No joke. Anyways...I think I need to sleep this puppy off. To the gym tomorrow for me!
Talk to you soon!
Love always,

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