Saturday, December 11, 2010

Song-Landia: Free

Hello All!
We're going to be in the studio less than 2 weeks from now! Can you believe it! I certainly cannot. It's so surreal. I'm hoping to get some production videos so you can be involved throughout the whole process. :-)
I've been writing songs like crazy since the beginning of this endeavor and this week alone, I came up with about 4 new ideas, 2 of which are complete. I finished one tonight called "Free" that I'm really proud of. It's about standing your ground and finding your voice amidst disagreements and storms of chaos. I'd like to say it's my own version of Kate Nash's "Don't You Want To Share The Guilt," but the subject matter is slightly different. But, she definitely helped to inspire the song. She inspired the music and the passion, while a gentler side of Lily Allen & Christina Aguilera helped me find my footing on some of the lyrical stuff. I thought I'd share some lyrics with you, that'd you might be comforted in your own struggle to find a voice. :-)

Enjoy "Free."

"They'll never see who I want to be
But I find him smiling there, so I won't care.
We don't see eye to eye, it just makes me want to cry.
Through the pain and all the lies, I feel I still was right.
And though you still put up a fight
I've found my own light.
I've managed to hold on.
I've managed to be strong while you thought I was wrong...
They want me to be anything but me.
So they'll take what they take and this leaves me feeling fake,
But I could never hate.
I could never hate.
Well, I think he's so smart.
He's such a work of art
And though we may be different
I can only love his kind & gentle heart.

I've found my voice.
I have have a choice.
It's my life to live.
It's my love to give.
You can take me, but you can't break me.
Cuz I'm free.
I am free."

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