Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Key

I just finished writing this song. :-)

The Key
She’s a tower, locked far from her all fears,
The fear of her failures.
She feels the heat, but she won’t speak a word.
You can’t risk a heart stirred.

Forget me. Forget me, my friend.
Just turn away.
There’s no key, no key. Oh, it’s gone.
They threw it away.

She wish she could go back in time
To rewrite her actions.
How she wished, how I wish that you could have missed her heart.

Forgive me. Forgive me my sins.
But it’s too late.
That’s the key. Here’s the key.
Just let me in. The lock  is within.

Lock her away, far away
She’ll sleep a thousand years, a thousand years.

Forget me. Forget her.
She’s gone. So far from gone.
You’ve lost her. They’ve lost her.
There’s no key…
Not to me…..

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