Friday, July 8, 2011

The Plane

Hey all! I wrote a new song called "The Plane." Enjoy.

The Plane

Walls been torn down
The charred dirty ground
That plane went down in flames.
I'm not afraid of a little pain.
Got on a plane
Had the world to gain
It went faster everyday
Thoughts went astray
Heart unrestrained
Passion turned to flame.

High up in the clouds
We were heavenbound
Love began to call
We began to fall

Felt a sudden shake
Wings began to break
As we hit the hurricane.
Im not afraid of a little pain.
I cannot explain
The storm pushed us away
To a place far from grace
Feels bittersweet
When the sky and earth meet
We accepted our defeat.

Burning up the skies
Wont open my eyes
It's better not to know
Then to let go.
Swallowed into flames
Left to decay
I'll hold you in your pain
Just don't turn away

We fight everyday.
Just to run away.
Even in the night
The flame still burns bright.
Fighting for our lives
Fighting to survive.
The plane dived
My heart died.

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