Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Song: Skeletons

Hey guys. New song. Basically, it's about addicitions and skeletons in our closets. It's about how our addictions control us and how we lie to ourselves that we don't have problems, though we know we do. We let time continue to pass us by, lying that there's nothing wrong, thought knowing there's something wrong. In the end, we're our own worst enemy because we continue to let time fly, bonding us closer with our addiction and continuing to live in the world of lies we fabricated ourselves.

Is this the life that you wanted?
Hyped up on some damn narcotic?
Isn't it just ironic,
That its your antibiotic?
Haunted by memories unwanted
The truth is always thwarted
Can't you see who's at fault?
We're simply our own rag dolls...

Just watch the time
It flies by...
It flies by
Look in their eyes.
O, they lie.
How they lie.

Look how our demons controlled us
Can't say that they never warned us
I saw the warning signs
Yet, how do we escape this time...
What could this sick feeling mean
thats trapped up inside of me?
I feel like I'm being maimed
By my invisible chain.

Can you feel it?
Some strange essence
Can you see it?
Its dark presence.

Look at the time
It flies by
How it flies
Look in my eyes
How I lie
O, I lie.

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