Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hello everyone!
I know it's been rather slow, but things are picking up. We were asked to headline a show at Full Circle Brewing Co. in Fresno and you know, we're working on a new big deal.

YES! New EP!
We haven't set a release date for it yet, but you can certainly expect a single at the latest by November. We're getting people together and instruments and finalizing scheduling still.
And we have two new members, Cameron Briggs (guitar) & Bree Lot (BGV's). Also, Katie Steinhauer (drums) will be making a return! So excited.

This new EP will include 6 songs and will be quite a bit more upbeat than the last. We explore a variety of different genres, including folk, pop, retro, funk, singer/songwriter. Themes will include domestic violence, sexuality, religion, and others. We will also be re-recording a new version of "I Know."

More info and announcements to come soon!

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