Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Free Demo Download!

In honor of our upcoming performances at Rogue, we wanted to release a rough demo we did of our new song "Sing." This song was written and recorded by band members JP Sander & Allison Saleh. In performance, its accompanied by Mandolin and light percussion. Come to our performances at the Rogue Festival this weekend to hear it live! Click to download it.

Sing by sirensinging


Oh my soul is growing weak from the darkness that it seeks
And this pit that I've been diggin's getting deep.
Just as I begin to weep, I drift into peaceful sleep
I dream of a man who's dancing in the streets.

He says I'll sing to the heavens.
I will sing to the skies.
For on that judgement day
All my sins will have been paid
So I will sing, sing, sing.

That man's voice began to fade
Looks at me, turns to say
"You look awfully lost & I have found the way.
If you would just follow me, I'll lead you to the sea
Where you'll fall & rise then surely be set free."

Then you will sing...

So I dove into the sea
Weak and trembling at the knees
Oh those waters cleansed me
I can't not believe.
It's as if my soul had wings.
It's as if my soul has wings.
And I will sing for glory cuz I'm free.

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