Monday, February 27, 2012

Shows In March!

What's up guys??
Lots of shows coming up.  Here's the gig schedule for this coming month. You can click the event for the RSVP page with ticketing info. Tickets for Rogue dates **MUST** be purchased at the Tower Theater.

  1. March 2: 7:30PM Vini Vedi Vici's (Rogue Festival) $5
  2. March 3: 7:30PM  Vini Vedi Vici's (Rogue Festival) $5
  3. March 4: 1:00PM Vini Vedi Vici's (Rogue Festival) $5
  4. March 9: 8:00PM Twin Palms Night Club 104.1 Radio *FREE*
  5. March 16: Fresno State Broadcast
  6. March 23: 8PM    Starline, Hour Show $6
  7. March 24: 8:30PM Fresno City College $5

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