Monday, February 14, 2011

From Within

Hey guys.
New Song!!!
It's called "From Within."

From Within

There was a time I was
Scared of my shadow
I didn’t know what it’d show.
I feared all the things that I
Might become and the
Things had made me undone

When I called you that day
Everything seemed to fade
It’s like everything, everything seemed to go away
Then all the dark
It disappeared
It all cleared, yes, it cleared
All the things that I’d feared.

I was afraid I’d be
Locked far away
In my mind, left behind.
Far from the truth our sights
Glaze and confuse.
First friendly lies, I now hope to refuse.

Breathe it all in.
See the beauty within.
When I took this all in
The walls crumbled from within

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