Monday, February 21, 2011

News & Album Cover!!!

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!
Long time no talk.
I know.
I have failed you as a web-mistress. :-(
But, I've got some news. For one, SirenSinging has it's first gig on Thursday night at Biola University!!! Woot! I'm so excited. So, here are the details:
We'll be in front of the mailboxes playing a 20 minute set starting at 8:15PM. Our band will include Sal Aguirre, JP Sander, Jay Tatco-Nowak and of course, your truly! There will be 4 other bands as well. We'd absolutely LOVE for you to come out and support us!

Just so you know, we also just wrapped up another weekend of recording the surprise song "You & I." You guys, I'm so excited for you to hear this song. But, I won't be letting you hear the song until it's debut at KuppaJoe on the 11th. Sorry! So, you have to come out to hear it! Then I'll release it on youtube to hear. Also, so you know, it will be on the EP as a special kind of bonus track.

Finally, I thought I'd share the album cover of the EP with you guys! It's not even a month away until the release date. But here. you. go! Enjoy! Comment away, my friends!!

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  1. That's the perfect photo for your cover! The framing, the overall tone... excellent!