Saturday, March 12, 2011

CVT Videos

Hey guys!!!
So...last night was the KuppaJoe show and it went AWESOME! We played with the bands The Harm, My Beautiful Surrender, and A Current Affair. They were all so talented and I feel so privileged to have been in the same line-up as those guys. On top of that, the actual venue was so nice and just full of wonderful people.
For those of you who missed out, I'll be posting some videos soon. In the meantime, I've got videos from Central Valley Talk Radio, if you missed it back in January. I played there yesterday to fill in and then the band will be playing again this coming Friday. More news later! I have videos from yesterday & January. Enjoy!

3/11 CVT Videos:
"When I Saw You"

"I Know" :

1/11 CVT Videos:

When I Saw You:

Wish I Could:


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