Friday, March 4, 2011

Everything Under The Sun!!!

Hey guys!
Not to much to report EXCEPT that I got the physical EP in the mail today...all 300 copies. Yes, that's a lot of CDs, hence why you should come out to our shows and BUY THEM!!!! At the show they'll be $5 a piece...I think that's a little cheaper then it'll be on iTunes, actually.

In other news, we're playing at KuppaJoe a week from tonight, billed along with A Current Affair, Beautiful Surrender, and The Harm. It'll seriously be a sweet show. I'm really excited. I checked out the venue tonight. If you come to the show, we'll be premiering yet ANOTHER new song that no one's heard before called "Mr. Fearless." It's totally different then anything you've all heard yet. Think Maroon 5 beats. Also, we're playing a fashion show at Club Habanos. I'm stoked.

Bandwise, there's a lot of transition going on. We have a new drummer, James, who's great and we're in the process of finding a new guitarist or 2. Once we're settled, we going to schedule gigs like mad and I'm hoping in April to get something going. Our goal is to build a good fan base and "conquer Fresno" and then the Valley. We have other plans too, but...they will remain nameless until otherwise noted!

So, that's all that's going on here.
Hope you all are doing well. I start actual work on's kinda crazy. I'll be a receptionist by day and a rock star by night...well. Not really a rock a band. Whatever! I think you get what I mean!
Talk to you all soon!
PS: The Biola University Eddy was BOMB!!!!! I'll try and upload some videos soon. I felt it was a great first gig. It's crazy, there's so many things that run through your mind during a show. You can't afford to think about them, but you do. It's fun though. I'm hoping KuppaJoe's will be more smooth. Biola was smooth, but it was our first gig, so...there's this level of uncertainty and "fear of the unknown." Like...will the audience like us? ...Will they be bored? ...I dno. We're new...we'll see. lol. Anyways, that was kind of a long PS.
Night, my people!!!
Love Always,

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