Monday, March 7, 2011

I Just Came To Say Hello!

Hello peeps!
I just wanted to check in since I've kind of been lagging lately. Band rehearsals in prep for this Friday (KuppaJoe) have been going super well. Our lead guitarist got sick though and had to be hospitalized. No bueno. So, it's been a little stressful to figure out what's going to happen with the guitar situation, but I think we've got it figured out.  I want my friend to get better...he has pneumonia! Crazy, right?!?!
Anyways, so we'll be featuring Daniel Garrison & Evan Walsh on guitars. It'll be a great night. It's our official CD release show AND we'll be premiering "You & I" in Fresno as well as a new song called "Mr. Fearless."
Dude..I'm so excited for you all to hear it. "Mr. Fearless" was originally going to be on the EP, but instead got cut and "Wish I Could" made the cut. I am still hoping to get some videos up of the Biola Eddy, but I'm really falling behind. I started work today, so...I'm like leading a double life. Receptionist by day, pop star by night. You know...just your average Hannah Montana wannabe.
Yes, I did watch Hannah Montana when I was 21.
Don't judge me!

I've had a lot of new song ideas...lots of fun stuff and musically different sounds. I recently discovered the wonderful genre of SKA!!! It's so fun. I couldn't get enough of Lily Allen's wannabe ska, so I've been listening to this band called the Skatalites. Also, I've been getting into Los Campesinos, but I think I told you about that already. The bassist in the band (JP) has been on a song writing kick as well, writing this song about trusting in love again. He's definitely the lover type. No hatin' there.
What do you think, readers? Is love worth trusting in? And are we really trusting in love or we trusting the person we are loving & receiving love from? Is it worth it?
I don't know. I've been thinking about a lot of stuff these days...don't get me started, but I'm sure it will come out in the newer songs.

Well, that's all for now, folks. I'm a working woman, so I need to hit the sack before 12 if I am to successfully roll out of bed at 7am. Hope you are all doing well and I hope to see you at the KuppaJoe show this Friday!!! I will leave you with a wonderful song I recently discovered called "Hello." It's a keeper!
Love Always,

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