Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lily Inspires Me

Hey dudes!!
I wrote  a new song yesterday!
For a tune/beat, think of a major key, ska/reggae beat, a Lily Allen's song.
Musically & lyrically, she kinda inspired me on this one.  This one probably won't end up on the EP, but I thought I share it with you. One of the reasons I love Lily Allen is because she has no fear and no shame in her song writing. Granted, this is probably one of her assets that people in conservative circles may find quite shocking given her choice of subject matter, but I find it somewhat refreshing. Call me crazy. Also....this is why people like her because she is so sharp and quick-witted. As a disclaimer, I'll say that I won't venture to write songs as crass as some of hers are because I don't think it's entirely a right thing to do. Generally speaking though, I do aspire to be open with how I'm feeling when I song write. I feel song writing is one of those emotionally safe places where I can have a voice, you know? I write some mean stuff, but most of that will never see the light of day or will all be edited *if published.*  Finding my voice is important to me and finding a complete writing style is something I look forward to developing. Anywho, Lily inspired me to write these lyrics and I'll admit it felt good to write this. I've been wanting to write a song with more lyrical "edge." I haven't in awhile.
Here's a snip of the lyrics:

"Been under the weather, that's nothing new.
Wish we weren't together, wish we were through.
You think you're so special, wish I could too.
You get me regretful, makes me hate you.

Now I wish that I could say this right to your chubby face
But I know that you would hate this, and put me in my place.
So I'll just keep on lying to keep you on your feet.
And when your words start flying, I'll quickly claim defeat."

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