Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sneak Preview!!!!!!

Hey all!!!
As promised, I have a Thanksgiving Day Sneak Preview for you! This is a clip from a song off the EP called "Ironic." The song is about being in a frustrating undefined relationship and how ironic it is that though undefined, there are still expectations and feelings involved and that in the end, there's no way around it.
I've placed the lyrics to the clip below. This recording is from one of the pre-production days where we laid down the drum parts. Please keep in mind this song is still a work in progress, as it is still a little rough and not the best of recording. PLease feel free to share this with friends, co-workers, family and anyone else you think might enjoy it!
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!!!
And I hope you enjoy this clip from the song "Ironic."

Ironic by sirensinging

"Ironic" Lyrics:
"It's all the same and I'm just the fool.
Believed all your little games & lost my cool.
I'm in a rut, but what the hell?
I know he didn't mean it, But why can't I tell?
Why can't you see this is killing me?
This part of me isn't free.
It's so ironic.
I've caught you on it,
I want it.


  1. Hey, thanks for the input. This is just a clip from a jam session. I wanted to get something up just so people could hear the sound of the music. I will be putting more clips up as the recording process begins. Thanks for checking out my site!