Thursday, November 18, 2010


Here's the deal.
I'm in the process of trying to look around for venues and am working on scheduling gigs. Although, I must say it is quite difficult to do without the EP, because people are asking for song samples and I have to give them really rough recordings. Lame. I know.
C'mon December recording session!!!!
Get here faster!

Anyways, to keep you all in the loop, there's nothing officially scheduled but there are two things are that "potentially in the works." The first one being a launch party, which would be A LOT of fun. This party would possibly include featured bands like SeeYouSoon & A Current Affair and then I'd do a set...obviously. Like I said, this is all still very tentative. The second gig would be that I'd get to sing at Biola University's Homecoming Eddy this would be AMAZING!! The Eddy's at Biola are seriously legendary in my mind. Not only do you get pretty good crowds (and sales), but previously on the stage include people like Amy Kuney *sigh*, Scott Heinricks, and Cold War Kids. Pretty freaking good. Plus, it's homecoming weekend for Biola so I'd have a larger audience than normal....which would be phenomenal.  I emailed the head honcho and he said he couldn't promise me anything, but would put down as a likely candidate. Honestly, the fact that I'm a "likely candidate" sounds pretty freakin' good to me., it's like my school and I'd get a lot of support from my friends. This would be an ideal gig, so let's all keep our fingers crossed & pray, yeah??? :)

That's what's going down, kids.
T-3 days until next pre-pro day. Love it.
Back to studying for my test.
Goodnight ladies & 'gents.

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