Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Official!!!

Hey guys!!!!
Today I put the downpayment in for the EP, making it official!

I'm recording in December!!!!!!!
I'm so excited! I'll be updating regularly with vlogs and I hope to open a site pretty soon.
Until then, my blogger is the place to be for regular updates and news!

Even more exciting, I'll be starting pre-production with my producer Jordan Feliz this Friday. I originally gave them a list of 10 songs to choose from. I'll be doing  a 5 track EP, but I think I've pretty well narrowed it down to about 6. I wish I could record all of them and I wish I didn't have to still eliminate the 6th song. They're all so close to my heart. But, I can't afford to pay for more than 5 songs at this point. Either way, I'll be putting lyrics and videos up in the near future so you can all have a preview of what's to come.
I know.
It still feels like forever!....but it will come.

Here's the list of  the original 10 songs I submitted.
I've starred the top 6 and five of those six will be on the EP.

  1. That Way*
  2. Ironic*
  3. When I Saw You*
  4. Drives Me Crazy
  5. Mr. Fearless*
  6. I Know*
  7. She'll Be Okay
  8. Adore*
  9. Seeds I Sew
  10. Caught
Hope you all have a good night and check back soon for more updates!
<3 SirenSinging

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