Thursday, November 11, 2010


I wrote anotherrrrr song.
And as always....I want to share it with you, but check this out!
I found this great site that hosts mp3's for free and gives you a little player to embed them in on your website. In English: You get to hear a clip from the song below!
The song will be called "Walking on Eggshells" and it's about fixing things in relationships and how fragile things can be.
I just wrote it when I recorded this, so it's rough.
If for some reason the player isn't working (I was having problems with it), here's the link you can actually download the file at:
Walking on EggShells


  1. I can't download your song because I use a Mac. Macs don't play WMA files... if you can find a site that uploads your jams as MP3, that'd be better... much more universal and compatible with everyone's computers. Just a thought.

  2. Yeah. I'd have to convert the file...and I'm not exactly sure how to do that w/o altering the quality. To begin with, it's not even a real mp3, its actually a .wav file from a little voice recorder. I'm sure there are converters out there. I really wanted the stupid flash player plugin to work. It was supposed to just embed a little player, so you wouldn't have to even download it. I really don't like the idea of people actually Dl'ing my stuff. Hence, why I want the darn embedded player. Grrr. I'm still working out the kinks.

  3. Some recorders (expensive ones) can connect directly to your USB port on your computer. They convert the file straight to MP3 form, they're really cool. If you don't want people downloading your music, I suppose the embedded player would be the way to go though. Anyway, I look forward to hearing your ideas. :-)