Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gig Update

Hey guys!
Several cool little gig tidbits for you.
On Thursday I will be playing on the Chuck Leonard Show, part of Central Valley Radio, at 4PM-6PM. It's an online radio station, so check it out! It'll be a lot of fun. It's my first "official" gig. AND! My dad will be playing, so that'll be pretty sweet.

I just got confirmation from Biola University that I will be playing sometime in February in the Eddy's concert for sure. There's been no date set at the moment, but I'm definitely in. I'll keep you updated there. Finally, I was asked to sing at this Sweetheart Dinner at People's Church on February 12th for some firefighters. I'm pretty excited. It's a private event only though. But, I'll see if I can take some videos. :-)
That's all for now, folks!....except that I have 2 new websites:

SirenSinging at Last.Fm
SirenSinging at RootMusic/Band Page

Ok, now that's all.
Love always,

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