Monday, January 10, 2011

The Search For Gigs!

Hello all!
Nothing terribly important to report. While I was supposed to be busy studying American Government, I began the eternal search for gigs. So, I applied at Club Retro & KuppaJoe in Fresno, CA. I'm hoping to get a response soon! I'm in the process of booking stuff at Fulton 55, Starline, Frank's Place, Audies Olympic and a couple of coffee shops & bookstores. It's much more simple to find gigs and venues in non-LA areas because...they tend to be smaller. LA is like a really big scary monster, but an abyss of possibilities, if you will. This isn't bad, but I start looking at LA and the scene here and am like so overwhelmed because it's so friggin' huge. I don't really no where to begin, but I've found some places. My dream venue: Hotel Cafe. Once I play there, I know I've made it. Well....not quite. But, Hotel Cafe is one incredible mofo venue. Some of my most favorite artists have come out of there including Rachael Yamagata, Ingrid Michaelson, and my dear Erin McCarley. Playing there would be like walking in the footsteps of the greats before me. But, in reality, I know I've made it if I get a show at the Music Box. Now that would be tight. You know it means a lot when I use the word "tight" because I never use that word. Why would this mean I made it? Because friggin' Kate Nash played there. BOOYAH!

Anyway, I'm like working up a list of places/venues for each city & the surrounding areas. I feel like such a newbie. But, it's so freaking sweet cuz I definitely have a bassist & a drummer who are both willing to travel to LA and they can car pool, which is even better because LA is like a 4 hour drive for those dudes. I feel lucky to have them. But, I'm in desperate need of a guitarist who would play for free. Also, if you know of any other venues, please let me know or if you want SirenSinging to come to your area, leave a comment! Tomorrow I will be looking at possible places to have a release party. I want to do one at Biola (my school) for sure, but I'm also looking at doing one in Fresno. I'd be like...working 2 cities at once. I asked KuppaJoe's about their venue. It'd be sweet to be able to do something at a real venue, you know? I've got a good following up in Fresno just because it's where I'm from. Plus, I may be able to get A Current Affair & SeeYouSoon to play. Sweeetness!
Anyways, these are my deliberations of the evening. I seriously spent the last like...3+ hours researching, updating sites/band info, and emailing. I have class at 8:30AM. Why do I stay up so late? I ask, WHY?!?!?! Oh well. It's my  birthday (since it's past 12 now), meaning I can do what I want!...within reason. 23. I'm getting old.  Tehe!
Another fun fact, I now have web presence at PureVolume. Check out the site below!
Hope you all have glorious, sleep-filled nights and don't have to wake up to demonic screaming alarms early in the morning. Sleeping well is dream.
I think it's time for me to go cuz I'm just rambling now.
Goodnight, friends.
Talk to you soon!

 SirenSinging now has web presence on PureVolume! Check it out!!! Click below: SirenSinging

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