Tuesday, January 18, 2011


While waiting for the project to come together....particularly the artwork, I've been getting into the rhythm of writing songs on a regular basis again. I wrote another song yesterday called "Get The Drift." I kinda want to start posting snippets. Here's a snip of the lyrics. Forgive the cussing. Peace. I'll keep you updated!

"Screw your ideologies.
And your false dichotomies
I’m done hearing sob stories
Why you can’t come through.
I’m done waiting on the line
While you play & waste my time
It don’t take a light to shine
To know what to do.
Drum to someone else’s beat.
Don’t give a damn what you think.
I hope that you’re getting my drift.
Your brain is so small to me.
Your heart’s a catastrophe.
This isn’t some cute little tiff.
I trusted you. You lost it.
I leaned on you. You forgot it.
Gave into you, and you used it.

Before you give your heart away
And listen to all they say
Don’t expect him to stay
Don’t give your heart away.
Just stay away.
Just run far away
Before its too late."

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