Friday, January 28, 2011


Hello Readers!
While we are still hosted at, this site has it's own domain...meaning, you can tell people to just go to and you will be directed to this site.

I know this may not be a big deal or a big switch, but having my own domain name has seriously been a dream of mine since I was like in 7th grade. The dork inside is showing. I know.
Don't judge me.

This whole SirenSinging thing is seriously making my dreams come true...all I need to do is land a record deal, graduate from college, and find a good man and like I'd be set for life. Just kidding...kind of.

Anyways, that's it. But, this IS the official SirenSinging website now. It always was, but now it has a brand-spanking, shiny .COM attached to it making it even cooler.

It's 3AM. Time for bed...and I will update you as to our awesome pending gig, potential pending bonus track, potential release date, and other potential stuff I haven't really talked much about.

Have a good night!!!
Love always,

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