Friday, January 21, 2011


Hey guys!
Apparently today is my lucky day. Not even joking.
I got a message from the booking person at KuppaJoe's in Fresno, CA and they want SirenSinging to play there. We haven't got any dates nailed down, but all I've got to say is DANG!
I'm so encouraged and so excited. I feel like everything is really coming together. Everyone I've talked to about the project has been so responsive and willing to work with SirenSinging. Today alone has been a HUGE day for me. I'll list:

  1. Club Retro gives us dates
  2. KuppaJoe makes contact
  3. WE'VE GOT A GUITARIST! (who happens to know the bassist. Wayyy cool!)
  4. Several new Reverb & Facebook fans
  5. Continued upward momentum on Reverb
  6. Contacted by several artists giving support and wanting to work with me
  7. Artwork should be finished by the end of next week
  8. Got all of my distribution & pressing accounts together
  9. Finishing up building a web-presence & EPK's.
Granted, I've been like...staying up super late to do all of this stuff, but it's seriously worth it. And it's been so fun. I feel so blessed to be able to live my dream and live out my passions. It's so fulfilling. The best part is that this is only the beginning!!! 

Here's where we are as far as the EP release goes:
I hope to have it released sometime in late February. I should have the completed project by mid-Feb, if all goes according to schedule. Once the artwork is done, I'm going to go crazy with promotion and be asking you (readers!) to help me with this! I'll give more details in the next couple days. I'm hoping to have *at least* one CD release party. We'll see what ends up happening. 

That's pretty much the deal with everything.
I hope you are all well. As always, stay tuned!
Love always, 

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