Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly Update!

Hello All!
It's SirenSinging usual.
I don't have too much info to report. Tomorrow I'll be meeting with the guitarists for the first time. I'm really excited. And I'll be having a meeting with the drummer as well. This morning I met the bassist for the band and he was really cool. I feel blessed to have such great people to work with. Seriously. They all are so talented AND are in this for free. I am too at this point, cuz I'm not really expecting money being a newbie, you know?

Mad props to my dad for learning the songs "When I Saw You" and "Wish I Could" on the guitar in like freaking 2 days. I am very appreciative. He's going to back me while I sing/play for Central Valley Radio this week. I owe him mucho. For reals, though. I'm glad I get to play with him though. We used to play together all the time when I was in high school. We even won this talent show back in the day when I was like this sophomore. We won like...a trip to the tanning salon? Seriously. Who gives high schooler's trips to tanning salon's? I feel like that's so...I dno. Damaging? Whatever.

Hopefully this week I'll be getting the artwork for the CD and be digitally releasing the EP in the next week or two. I HOPE!!! I HOPE!!! I HOPE!!! In other news...not much. I have this whole week off which I've dedicated to working with the band and writing music...and reading...and sleeping. My upcoming semester will be pretty miserable. But, in the meantime I've got lots of new songs in the, 4-7 new songs, not counting "The Manifesto." I will explain that one soon. I promise. I wrote one in the style of Motown/Amy Winehouse tonight that I'm SUPER excited about. I'm actually thinking about posting clips of stuff I write online for you all to hear so before gigs we can do like requests of non-EP songs. I do hope to put some of these on future recordings...should there be future recordings. I seriously hope there are future recordings. That would be amazing.
That's pretty much it. :-)
Hope you all are doing well & hello to the new fans at Reverb! SirenSinging gained like...13 new fans today. Pretty freakin' sweet!!! I'm going to post another post with a playlist of the week for you to enjoy!
Love you all lots!

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