Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We're Mobile!

Ok. I seriously need to go to sleep.
But who knew there were so many amazing resources for starting musicians on the web! It's seriously so incredible. So, my newest discovery is Adva Mobile.  This FREE service provides bands with a free mobile website. I'm still figuring this all out, but apparently if you text: "getsirensinging"  To: 88704, you'll like be a part of my mobile website. You can sign up at the bottom of this page via a cool little widget. Check it out.
I'm so stoked.
I love this web stuff. Seriously. I love the digital age we're living in.

I'll update you soon with more fun gadgets and websites.
Oh, by the way, check out my newly created & rather sparse webpages. Please keep in mind these are the newest additions to the SirenSinging web-presence and are not near completion. However, I sincerely promise they will be completed very soon! Enjoy!
SirenSinging At BandCamp!

SirenSinging At OurStage!

SirenSinging At ArtistData!

Hope you're getting more sleep tonight than I am!!!
Love Always,

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