Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great Music Links.

So far, my time spent this week is *literally* promoting online, building a fanbase, talking to venues, rehearsing with the band, keeping up the web-presence, and researching on the music industry and anything else related. Really. This has been my week. I was planning on this being my week of musical please, no judgement! Anyways, in my musical research, I've come across a lot of great material and I thought I'd share some of it with you. If you're a band/fellow musician, I hope this can help you out!

  1. 10 Ways For Musicians to Blog Without Being A Self-Promotional Douche
  2. 100 New Years Resolutions For The Proactive Musician
  3. Conquering Your City: How To Set-Up A Local Tour
  4. 2000 Things To Generate 20,000 Fans
  5. Basic Interactive WebSite Building
  6. GrassRootsy- Grassroots Marketing for Independent Artists
  7. StayFocused Extension- Helps You Stay Focused While Web-Browsing
  8. Keys To A Successful Show
  9. Law On The Row: Music Industry Resources
  10. MediaWebSource- Great Resource About Music Industry 
  11. IndieOnTheMove- Comprehensive Venue Listing & Free Self-Booking 
  12. SplitGig- Find Gigs by Swapping Gigs With Other Bands
  13. 10 Things Bands Can Do To Book More Live Shows
  14. ArtistData- A GREAT resource, syncing all your information together in one place!
  15. 6 Ways To Give Back To Fans
  16. Should I Release A Single Before The Album?
  17. TuneCore- Who I Use To Distribute My Music Digitally
  18. Basics of Writing A Better Song
  19. How To Run A Band- A band's blog on how to run a band & what they've learned
  20. An amazing music circulator...seriously
  21. Setting & Achieving Goals For Musicians
  22. SongKick-Track Your Favorite Artists
  23. MusFormation- An Incredible Resource for DIY Musicians
  24. 10 Ways To Trade A Song For An Email Address
  25. 7 Rules For Effective Social Networking
  26. 10 Ways To Encourage Fans To Download Your Song
  27. Musicians's Guide- A Great UK Resource for Musicians
  28. 50 Most Read Music Think Tank Articles-- Bomb Page With 50 diff articles
  29. Giving Your Audience A Great First Impression
  30. 8 Things That Will Go Wrong Onstage
  31. Tracking Your Online Presence
  32. 6 Ways To Ask Fans For Money

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